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Hamilton Mortgage Specialist

At the Hamilton Mortgage offices, our team of dedicated agents can get you a first or second mortgage for your home. We know that buying a home is one of the most crucial and decisive purchases you’ll ever make, so it is prudent that you hire the very best individuals for the job. Our specialized team of licensed mortgage specialists in Hamilton have extensive experience in getting the job done.

Second Mortgages

Our team of experts have decades of knowledge and experience and can help every client with different mortgage needs. We work with our clients personally to understand their unique situation and requirements to determine the best options available to them. With our wealth of knowledge, we provide money saving opportunities and industry leading customer service for –

  • Second Mortgages
  • First Mortgages
  • Refinancing
  • Private Mortgages

Private Lenders for Second Mortgages

We have a large number of Hamilton private lenders that can fund your mortgage. They can quickly assist you in getting the money you need. Our private lenders can tell you within a matter of minutes if you qualify for a loan. They can provide mortgages regardless of credit history since the mortgages are based on the equity in your home. Our private lenders offer competitive rates for first and second mortgages in Hamilton.

Our team of Professionals has helped clients in very difficult situations when most lawyers would turn them away. All of our team members are specialists when it comes to stopping evictions, which include both Power of Sale and Foreclosures. The Power of Sale is a common legal tool that lenders use to recover money when a borrower goes into default. It takes only a couple of months for the Power of Sales process to get completed, a point at which the owner is evicted and the house is sold. Are you currently facing a possible foreclosure, power of sale or eviction from your home? Our  team can help you by working towards replacing current mortgages, communicating with the lenders lawyer, arranging lawyers for you, assigning a real estate broker to sell the home and filing documents to postpone the Power of Sale and eviction process. Each Power of Sale or Foreclosure case is unique and hence in order to get a better understanding of what options you have available, give us a call today.

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