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Stop Foreclosure, Power of sales and Eviction Hamilton

If you are facing a power of sale or foreclosure and Eviction, our specialized team of agents can provide help and information regarding the process.  They understand the foreclosure process in Hamilton and can let you know the best options that you have available.

The “Power of Sale” is used by most lenders as it’s a cheaper and faster process. A foreclosure is usually expensive as it has multiple court dates thus resulting in high legal costs. A power of sale requires the homeowner to evict their home within 90 days from the time of default.

If you are facing a possible power of sale or foreclosure it is advisable that you to talk to your lender. Tell the lender your current situation and what your possible options are. You may request for more time to make outstanding payments, let them know if you have any rental income or a possibly a new job. It is recommended not to avoid the lender since it will only boost the eviction process. During the Foreclosure or power of sale, it is important to act quickly as the lender’s lawyer will not delay any legal actions.

Our team has the required expertise to stop a Power of Sale or Foreclosure of your house or property. They will inform you of the different options that are available to you. Our agents have contacts with the best private money lenders in Canada and have years of experience in stopping Power of Sales in Hamilton. Banks in most cases will not lend money to stop the power of sale process. Our skilled team will quickly determine how to stop the Power of Sales and give you back your home. We can also arrange the best lawyers that can provide legal advice.

It is important that you keep a copy of each notice or legal document sent from the Lender or its lawyers. The documents can include:

  • Notice of Default – This is the first notice in the Power of Sale or Foreclosure process. This notice is received once the mortgage is in default for longer than 15 days.
  • Statement of Claim – the statement of claim has a 20 day response period and gives a breakdown of the total amount owed by the homeowner.
  • Writ of Possession – A “Writ of Possession” is issued by the court and is sent to the local sheriff who then issues an “Eviction Notice” to the homeowner.
  • Eviction Notice – An “Eviction Notice” is legally enforceable and the homeowner is required to leave the property at the time and date stated on the notice.

Each document has a time frame associated with it and it is important that when you call us, you have the documents available. To actually stop a power of sale in Hamilton you will need a good mortgage broker, access to a private lender and a lawyer who is familiar with the process. Once all the proper paperwork is completed, our mortgage agents can have you back in your home within a matter of days.